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We Are Here

Updated: Jun 6

DATE: June 2012

PARTNERS: Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Hello!Earth, Denmark & Jaaga.

COMMUNITY: Public, Artists

Led by resident Vera Maeder, the project explored the relationship between virtual and physical presence and influence on the collective, community, and place within cities in a global world. Including site-specific, gaming & participatory interventions using VoIP tech, it was co-created by six Indian artists from backgrounds art, design, and technology research backgrounds.

Artistic Directors Vera Maeder of hello!earth and Archana Prasad of Jaaga, together with selected Indian artists from backgrounds of journalism, dance, multi‐media, visual arts, design, and technology research will embark on an exploration of mediated presence and physical presence in the context of Bangalore and the arrival of the Urban Mela, in its center. The Ind0-German Urban Mela is a mobile exhibition traveling through 5 Indian cities as part of the Germany and India 2011-2012 Framework. MORE >>

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