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Look At Us

DATE : 29.12.2015 TO 02.02.2016




Jaaga engaged with children from 9 to 16 years of age for over a period of 6 days. Starting from choosing the perfect location for the murals, encouraging the children to pose for aspirational silhouettes that they painted on the walls of their community hall, the Jaaga Crew worked closely hand-in-glove with the Look at Us team and the children.

The Look At Us campaign focuses at nurturing self value and pushing confidence in adolescents who are living in urban slums around the world. Look At Us used creative medium like music, dance and painting to engage children to talk about their lives. Jaaga DNA teamed up with the Look At Us folks to help run a participatory mural painting workshop for a group of children that they had identified. The painting activity scheduled to happen in the children’s community hall had filled every child with excitement. Children were asked about their favorite characters from real and reel life, their dreams, aspirations and the things they love to start the activity. Once they expressed their thoughts with different postures, it was shadowed on the walls, sketched and painted with all the children of the community. The entire activity turned out to be a fun-filled and memorable start to the year 2016 for all.

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