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Our Shaala

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OurShaala brings arts and design practice to schools. People and spaces in government schools and private schools benefit from close interactions with artists and designers. Artists learn from working with children from diverse backgrounds through their experience with OurShaala.

Our Shaala #2

DATE : June 2017 Community: Daily Dump, Parikrama Foundation, Buddhi School
Partners: Nature Conservation Foundation, Jaaga, BBMP

6th grade students from 6 schools met under the Hebbal Flyover in an outdoor classroom format over 6 weeks to explore the relationship between nature and the city.

Our Shaala #3

DATE : August, 2017 Community: Govt Primary School Cox Town, Kavade (Traditional Games)
Partners: BBMP, In:CH Architects, Jaaga

Workshops with govt. school students in Cox Town to understand the prevalence of traditional games. This input informed the architectural design of a placemaking project that is used by the local people of the neighbourhood.

Our Shaala #3

DATE : 2017 Partners: CMR College of Architecture (Bangalore), HTWG, Konstanz (Germany) Escola La Cidade, Sao Paolo (Brazil) IN:CH Architects, BBMP, Jaaga,

36 architecture students from 3 continents worked together for 10 days to redesign one bay under the Wheeler Road flyover in a hands on community engaged design and build workshop.

Our Shaala #4

DATE : November 2017 Partners: Mallya Aditi International School,(MAIS), Govt Primary School Srirampura, Jakkur(GPSSJ), Jaaga

High school students from MAIS worked with middle school students of GPSSJ with poetry and murals as primary formats of creative practice.

Our Shaala #5

DATE : November 2018 Partners: Mallya Aditi International School,(MAIS), Sowbhagya High School, GRIN, Pass Collective, Jaaga

High school students from MAIS worked with high school students of Sowbhagya on a mural and a gardening project that was co-designed and co-created over 5 days.

Our Shaala #6

DATE : February 2019 Partners: Singapore International Foundation, Govt. School Thiruvanmauyur, Chennai, Nalandaway Foundation, Slam Out Loud.

100 middle school students engaged with 32 international fellows of the Singapore International Foundation’s Art for Good Fellows in creative practice to engulf the learning environment with co-created painting and poetry.

Our Shaala #7

DATE : December 2019 Partners: Srishti Institute of Art Design & Technology, BBMP, Jaaga

12 Art and Design students create a mural under the Cox Town flyover after collecting local microhistories of the neighbourhood.The heroes of this piece included the cobbler, the tea stall, the cycle repair shop, the flower seller, the auto driver, the dogs and cows.


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