Jaaga Labs builds hardware and software products for Enterprises, Startups and NGOs.


Industry 4.0

Consumer IoT



Our Approach


We believe in experiments and rapid iterations to test products in the real world.


We use feature prioritisation to save your money and our time.


Our first instinct is to find a startup or SME we can collaborate with to solve the problem at hand.


We use a lot of open source technologies and contribute back. Check out our kits on Github.


Internet of Things
We help our clients build new "smart" products using the latest in cloud and device technology.

We navigate the confusing and rapidly evolving world of standards and technologies so you don't have to.
Conversational UI
It's no longer enough to engage your users via web and mobile apps.

We build engaging, robust conversational interfaces that users love and can use via text or voice.
Web & Mobile Apps
We work with the graduates of our Jaaga Study program to help you build your web & mobile apps frugally, in record time and using the best available technologies.

Our large portfolio of enterprise and consumer apps includes those built in React, Ionic, Angular, Polymer & Swift.
Energy Efficiency
We have developed numerous patented processes based on microwave technology for materials ranging from textiles to polymers to paper.

Typically these processes result in energy & time savings in excess of 60%.
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