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Jaaga's leadership has attracted incredible people who have gone on to take projects incubated with us into stellar organisations of their own.
They are our success stories.

beautiful evening sunset in a desert landscape featuring palette rack constructions. vivid

BeFantastic is a TechArt platform that engages a vibrant international community of creators and experts to push the boundaries of technology and the arts. It carries forth Jaaga's ethos of innovation in community-centric techarts.

Discover, customize, and deploy low-code AI recipes using the best of private and open source Generative AI. was built for developers who code fast and teams that prove ROI.

Mars College is a three-month educational program, R&D lab, and off-grid residential community dedicated to cultivating a low-cost, high-tech lifestyle.


The customers reduce wastage, improve quality, and increase productivity through IoT-enabled traceability solutions. With online grocery, pharma, and manufacturing customers, IOTReady aims to enable adoption in days and deliver RoI within weeks.

Dara is an AI and mobile app platform that intelligently helps connect creators across borders and find relevant opportunities. Dara’s AI Bot also hosts & facilitates real-world gatherings to foster collaborations across cultural, technology, and impact sectors.

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