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Hebbal UFO

DATE : 21.01.2016 - 26.01.2016




This project was carried out in the month of January in collaboration with BBMP for the welcome of Global Investors Meet 2016. The entire project aimed to maximize community engagement. Two events were held towards this goal. The first one was held on 23rd January. It involved capturing and painting of silhouettes on the Under the Flyover (UFO) pillars. The second on 26th January involved painting urbanscapes on additional pillars to launch the Jaaga DNA “I Will” social media campaign. This campaign encouraged people to articulate how they would like to use or see neglected public spaces in Bangalore.

Beneath the Hebbal flyover is one of the major junctions in North Bangalore which sees commuters and pedestrians of all types passing by. The first event – capturing silhouettes of people passing by the flyover was a culmination of three days of engagement with the pedestrians of this area. The people captured as silhouettes were regular passers-by headed home from work, to the market, from the airport and others such daily activities. The second event invited various politicians, bureaucrats and government workers join with local citizens to paint the silhouettes as well as urban landscapes together. The office of the Minister Byregowda was well represented as well as the BBMP, the corporators and Councilor Manjunath. In all 40 pillars were rehabilitated, the gound civil work was conducted and a general clean-up of the area was carried out as the first level of engagement that Jaaga DNA envisions for the area.

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