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Yellow UFO

DATE : MAY 2015




“Yellow UFO” was a community-driven project where passers-by were invited to pose in response to the idea of “play” with objects of “joy” under the Richmond Circle flyover.

Throughout this three-week participatory process, the community was invited to take part to the creation and to the ideation processes, resulting into a 20-pillars colorful artwork in the heart of the city. Reclaiming this derelict urban space by transforming it along with the community was for Jaaga a way to offer a common space for exchange and ephemeral collaborations to raise civic awareness. The project was a collaboration with artists Archana Prasad, Athreya Chidambi, Kamya Ramachandran, Vivek Chockalingam and Sharwari Tilloo.

The process

Clean up the space – remove the posters and clean the garbage

Paint the pillars to bring a new positive energy to the space and a cleaner look

Involve the community in the creation process and enable them to feel ownership over the space

Engaging the community in creatively expressing objects of joy they wished to see in their space

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