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Janara Jaaga - Community Place

Updated: Jun 5


DATE: August 2023- March 2024

PARTNERS: Kcymaerxthaere, BeFantastic & Jaaga.

COMMUNITY: 17 Artists, Local Community,

Janara Jaaga a collaborative effort with Kcymaerxthaere, is breathing life into this space, inviting artists from diverse backgrounds to celebrate art on the second Sunday of each month. Working closely with the local community and the government, we have experimented with contemporary art practices, investing creative energy in this location.

As you walk by an unassuming space under a flyover in the bustling neighborhood of Cox Town’s Wheeler Road, you will encounter a set of 7 pillars with painstakingly crafted 13 murals. Along with the vegetable vendors and street-side food stalls that inhabit this flyover lies a 13-tonne granite marker with the story of Kcymaerxthaere’s Flyover Country enshrined onto it. With a mix of residences, small businesses, two government schools, and  PU college that immediately flanks the space, with light to no traffic that passes by as the road ends at a railway track that obstructs it, the flyover underbelly lends itself to possible artistic and collective community engagement. 


  • Showcase experimental art in public space: Opening up practices beyond the white box of the studio to develop works in and for public space, in this case at the Flyover Country, Wheeler Road Flyover, Bangalore.

  • Encounter unusual audiences: Encounters with contemporary art and its formats of expression are limited especially in public spaces. Here’s an opportunity to allow for such encounters with curious audiences from the neighborhood, be it the local community of vendors, small business owners and their patrons, or the creative community that walks over from Cooke Town, across the pedestrian bridge.


  • Artists use the Spoken & Written word to push boundaries on the use of language be it English or Indian languages as a mode of intervention.

  • Artists using Sound Art to Build a sound-based body of work exploring multiple streams of art-making and sonic methodologies.

  • Artists use Performance, the body as a tool of artistic expression, and the collective, and the collaborative as a method.

  • Artists use Artivism to present activism through the lens of art.

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