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Bangalore A-Z

DATE: April 2015

PARTNERS: Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Urbane Kunst Ruhr, Kunst Republik, Metaform, Bangalore City Mayor, BBMP & Jaaga

COMMUNITY: Localised Public, Artists

The Bangalore A-Z is a limited edition notebook that combines personal takes, ideas, and advice about the city, contributed by a variety of locals and visiting artists. From ‘Autorickshaw’ to ‘Zebra Crossing’, the entries are dispersed throughout the publication alongside some visual references.

In close collaboration with Chandra Mouli from Grafiprint, Anja Lutz developed the form of this publication, referencing the Ledger Books in terms of paper quality, two-color printing, binding technique, edge coloring, embossing, and so on. Taking the possibilities and techniques of this traditional printing house into consideration, the Bangalore A-Z is printed on a 1974 Heidelberg one-colour offset press, it is machine-stitched and hand-bound with a half-calico hardcover. The foil embossing on the cover was executed with a 1952 letterpress by Maya Machinery of Calcutta. The edge coloring is done by hand with pigments that are traditionally used in religious ceremonies. The project is conceived by Anja Lutz, a book designer from Berlin and current Goethe-Institut BangaloREsident at Jaaga. The book release will take place at the print house Grafiprint, originally known as Judge Press – a beautiful and intricate place. The exhibition includes a video art piece that captures the experiential process of the book production. Filmed by Anja Lutz, with sound designed by Martin Lutz. Let’s end this with some amazing pictures of the book and artist:

Anja Lutz with people who helped get her to print her books:

Machines used to print the books at Grafiprint (Judge Press)

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