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Jaaga Juice is an interactive arts hacker-maker collective comprising of: Archana Prasad - Media Artist/Poet Clemence Barret - Artist/Film-maker Freeman Murray - Hacker Kiran D - Maker Ria Rajan - Designer Sean Blagsvedt - Hacker

We are super interested in hacking cutting-edge consumer and beta technologies to create artworks that are interactive and sentient. The theoritical framework that we have begun to articulate and are constantly developing are: Enlightened Singularity The Living Building To contact us, please email



By Kiran D and Archana Prasad for Anmol Vellani’s production. A Set design. Split level. Wood & Metal. Found furniture.

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A Jaaga Self-Portrait By Clemence Barret. In spite of its heterogeneous components, Jaaga has a uniqueness due to its personality: Non judgmental, it is in search for an alter-modernity; happy and warm, it is longing for re-inventing a creative, common world made by local as well as global exchanges. Welcoming, open to the world and to others, its personality has multiple facets. After two years of existence, its identity has proven to be in perpetual motion. For now this public figure, can only define itself through the emotions, feelings, activities and behaviors of the amorphous community it has created. Like a teenager who had recently witnessed a sudden growth “crisis” Jaaga is now examining its new multiple self as it begins a new phase, in a new location. The dispositive: A mirror on the wall, with sound. In it, the slightly deformed reflection of Jaaga’s internal space. It is the reflection of projected live image and sound captured by a web cam installed in the heart of the Jaaga Living Building. Constantly taking in, framing and projecting back the images and sounds of the people who work, live and engage in its body. This constant video and sound flow reflected in the mirror bears witness to the daily life of Jaaga and by doing so, extends Jaaga’s intrinsic self – its ever-evolving identity of permanent flux.


By Archana Prasad and Ria Rajan.’GandhiDroids’ is a steel stencil of iconic phone robots depicting Gandhi’s classic philosophical teaching – “See, Hear and Speak no Evil”. It hopes to inspire questions such as: As our phones can now speak, hear and see virtually everything around us, do they prevent or encourage Evil? Even as some companies strive to “Don’t be Evil”, they effectively control the mediums of communication and how we view the digital and often real world around us. Do such firms get to define what is Evil and whether we are allowed to consume or create such information artefacts? As we envision robots ultimately having traits that approach human ethics, would a Gandhian philosophy that denies the consumption or broadcast of Evil be desirable as rules that govern the behaviour of ethical and spiritual machines? What role can street art play in challenging notions of technology, modernity and the applicability of philosophical teaching to urban life?


By Ria Rajan and Archana Prasad. This work was created as a direct expresson of Jaaga’s current concern as the newly registered Public Charitable Trust that has stepped into the real world where it needs to pay a rental for the land it stands on. “Jaaga Love for Sale” is a Conceptual Artwork. It places the Jaaga Living Building project in its new context as an entity that needs to be economically sustainable. While in its previous life at Rhenius Street, Jaaga gave away its love freely, now Jaaga will have to sell its love to be able to engage in this world. Can this forced economic reality become playful and retain the sweetness of freedom?


By Freeman Murray. This piece is intended to explore dance and measured movement as meditation and mediation between us and the ‘other’. Using inspiration from Butoh and Tai Chi as free movement forms, this piece communicates with the Jaaga structure through gestural sound & light interactions. It demonstrates the imminent arrival of the Enlightened Singularity by heralding the Living Buildings’ resolutely advancing awareness. ‘Lasya‘ in Hindu mythology is the dance of aesthetic delight that revealed beauty, grace, love and all tender aspects of existence. Lasya is Parvati’s feminine response to the male energy of the cosmic dance of destruction – ‘Tandava,’ performed by Lord Shiva who is part of the Hindu trinity.


By Freman Murray and Kiran D. We take the machines out of their plastic cases and hanging them in our atrium. On the screens we display images and video from the mind of the internet. Yep this is an ever evolving computer deconstruction-reconstuction work by Jaaga Juice.


By Freeman Murray, Sean Blagsvedt and Archana Prasad. As the first of an ever-evolving series of explorations towards the Englightened Singularity, the Jaaga Artists created an interactive installation that encouraged the audience to play. Looking at their play as a prayer to the Internet Almighty, Jaaga Juice hacked Kinnect and other technologies to re-look, re-interprest and react to the notions of religion and its rituals.


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