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AI Manifesto

DATE: 2023

PARTNERS:  Padmini Ray Murray, Michiel Baas, FutureEverything, BeFantastic & Jaaga.

COMMUNITY: Global artists and technologists.

This manifesto emerged from the participatory workshop Sharing a Planet with AI: Building a Manifesto of Shared Responsibilities conducted by Dr. Padmini Ray Murray (Founder-Director, Design Beku—Bengaluru, India) in collaboration with Dr. Michiel Baas (Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology—Halle, Germany). The session brought together 40 participants with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, geographies, and expertise, supported by BeFantastic and FutureEverything at FutureFantastic—An AI Art Festival for Climate Change (2023). This zine was designed by Nikhil Sambamurthy.

Download the Collaborative Manifesto

Download PDF • 3.63MB

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