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Double Road Art-Walk-Zine

Updated: Jun 6

DATE: Feb 2012

PARTNERS: Raum Zeit Piraten, Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, BBMP, Natya Stem Kampni, Sandbox Collective & Jaaga. 

COMMUNITY: Art enthusiasts and local residents. 

DOUBLE ROAD is our two-way street of understanding and support for each other's work, spaces, and efforts. We use geography to recognize each other and locate ourselves firmly in the heart of the city.

Bangalore’s contemporary art scene is on the rise. Artists of this city historically have been pushing the boundaries, be it with new media, plastic, academic or performative arts. Today we stand on the edge of something intangible yet emerging. A world that we can, as artists and galleries, comment on and engage with. And we do so with a sense of respectful camaraderie.

We welcome each new player and laud the ones that will come, have gone or shall stay. The contributors on this series of three are Attakkalari, Bar1, 1 Shanthi Road, Gallery SKE, Gallery Sumukha, and Jaaga.

Download and read the zines above. To get a copy of the limited edition prints write to

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