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Artistic Dissidencies

Updated: May 24

DATE: July 2019

PARTNERS: Media Lab Prado & Jaaga.

COMMUNITY: Bangalore-based creators.

Workshop for creators to learn Open Source technology tools and implement them in their practice. The workshop hosted an international provocateurs who lead the cohort’s active engagement in the politics & aesthetics of Techart.

Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) means that you can use, copy, share, modify, redistribute, and allow free access to the source code of the programs without restrictions. The use of this software has social and philosophical implications in art, building a cultural ecosystem that emphasizes collaborative practice and freedom. The cultural ecosystem based on the FLOSS philosophy consists of a processual approach to the concept of artwork in which roles are reevaluated. From people involved in the development of a tool to those working on the final visual results are considered as parts of the same long process that involves the entire community.


- To join people and collectives interested in exploring free culture concepts and FLOSS tools for audiovisual work as alternatives to mainly used privative programs; artists, programmers, and people in general.

- To make communities and projects visible. To promote a meeting space that will allow participants to put in common our knowledge, needs, problems, expectations, and experiences around this cultural ecosystem that joins art, culture, and activism, focusing on the need for collaboration between different disciplines.

- To test different free software tools for audiovisual Although the focus is mainly on the process and creation of community, after getting a panoramic of tools and interests, the group will be able to propose a collaborative exercise to complete the experience.

Course Structure

First day: - Presentation. To share experiences and projects. - Analysis of repositories of tools and techniques to develop a workflow with open-source tools. - Proposal for an exercise, 

Second day: - Collaborative learning sessions to test programs. - Exercise design

Third and fourth day: - Working sessions

Last day: -  Results and conclusion of the working sessions: analysis of the perspectives of open software for audiovisual, new contacts, and possibilities of future collaboration.

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