Jaaga builds collaborative communities to help address today's big challenges.

Jaaga is committed to helping our artist communities capture these trying times through visual expression.


As a non-profit organization that is at the helm of supporting creatives to address urban issues through researched arts and design practice for over more than a decade, we are stepping up to the need of the hour.

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We have put global best practices on safety precautions in effect to make Jaaga safe for you to get right back to work. Our naturally ventilated haven amidst the trees in central Bengaluru awaits you.

Join our diverse community of creators and entrepreneurs & benefit from our programs, meet peer mentors and facilities.



Our BeFantasticTechArt Fellows have completed their CoLab 2020 session.  Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies 23 Fellows from South Asia, UK & Germany worked on 8 projects. 13 experts speakers spoke about their contributions to the field in a series of Dialogs. This Fellowship edition was supported by a grant from British Council & Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore.

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Share skills & coworking space with fellow entrepreneurs. Help each other to succeed.

Address urban issues through researched arts & design in collaboration with public & private orgs.

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