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A collaborative community of freelancers & entrepreneurs sharing skills & helping each other build better ventures in a beautiful, creative coworking space.


Our coworking community shares skills because that's a better way to build ventures.

What skills will you bring in?

Coworkers preparing before a Design Sprint facilitated by Google India

Our space is open, green and, well, spacious. We have 3 large balconies, a large terrace garden & don't do cubicles.

No more cramped spaces!

Spacious lounge, terraces and working areas to promote collaboration and free thought

We have partnered with some of the best companies around for cloud, payments & more!


Stay frugal and bootstrap longer.

Startup partners like Microsoft BizSpark and AWS Activate to help you build your venture frugally

Did you know that office rentals are the second largest expense for startups?

Memberships start at ₹5000 Monthly

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