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Malleshwaram Thaumatrope

Updated: Jun 4

DATE: March 2016

PARTNERS: Facilitator Savinder Bual, Visual documentation: Karthikeyan Gopinathan & Jaaga.

COMMUNITY: Neighbourhood youth.

We hosted a thaumatrope (traditional animation making device) workshop led by UK artist Savinder Bual. The workshop consisted of a walk through Malleshwaram in search of found objects to then build into a thaumatrope. We worked with Savinder on contextualising her Bangalore-based workshop and curating a select group of young participants.

In 1826, an English physician named J. A. Paris invented a toy called Thaumatrope. It fools your eye by switching images faster than the tenth-of-a-second limit! Artist Savinder Bual, a film pioneer explores the interplay between the moving and the still-creating works that sit between the pre-cinematic and the digital. Catch Savinder at Jaaga DNA studio on Sunday, 6th March for a workshop exploring cinematic space and conventions.

By discovering low-fi ways to add movement to single images and commonplace objects/materials I intend to ignite an element of wonder at the illusion of cinema, giving the everyday enough of a twist to allow the imagination to run free

About Savinder Bual

Savinder Bual studied painting at Winchester School of Art and photography at the Royal College of Art. She lives and works in the UK and China. Exhibitions include Oriel Davies Newtown, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Space Studios, Wimbledon Space and OV Gallery, Shanghai. In her words: I am interested in dismantling and challenging visual perception, through the exploration of notions of the moving and the still. My wonder at the illusion of the moving image sparks the creation of hybrid works that sit between the pre-cinematic and the digital, juxtaposing the material and the immaterial while exploring cinematic space and conventions.

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