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Updated: Jun 26, 2020


The cultural sector is a crucial actor in todays world. As creators and creative entrepreneurs, we believe that our people, our peers are the ones to envision and lead the wave of change that is critical to a positive global future.

Archana an artist and Sean a social entrepreneur conceived and founded dara on the belief that conversations and collaborations between creators will make for a radical, open and optimistic future.

Dara, is a friendly, human one-on-one way to engage creators in the UK and India initially, with plans to go global. She is the best way forward to ensure that your alumni – Fellows, workshop cohorts and the creators you support keep in touch with each other. Creators share projects, learnings and opportunities to collaborate with each other.

Dara is the means to connect to a strong curated network, linking creators and resources across expertise and geographic divides. Dara is set to be one of the most authoritative, carefully curated and valuable directories of creators connecting closely with each other in India, UK and beyond!

Dara was supported by a grant from the British Council’s Open Call for Digital Arts program 2017-18. The British Council’s Digital call strived to facilitate innovative cultural and artistic connections between the UK and India using digital technology. Dara is conceptualised and created by India based tech-artists Archana Prasad and Sean Blagsvedt with Research and Development by

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