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Group Students Smilling

Computer Engineering Foundation

Problem solving is more than programming. Programming is more than syntax. Learn how to approach and solve real-world problems using Python as your tool and logical reasoning as your super power!

Boy with DIY Robot

IoT Through


More things are online than people now. Learn how to build systems that enable better lives for consumers and more productivity for industries. Don't just live in the IoT world, help build it!

Data Cloud

Backend Through


The modern world runs on top of APIs. The cab you book, the food you order, the videos you watch online while snacking are powered by APIs built by someone. Will you build the next revolutionary APIs?


Learn In Nature

Hacker Farm offers residential coding camps. pioneering a simple sustainable way of living in nature. Participants live in tents/mud house. We do yoga weekday mornings, share food and enjoy a relaxed way of being. All while learning coding skils

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