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If you want to learn something new Jaaga is the place to go to. If you have no technological knowledge but have a drive to learn come to Jaaga. If you’re a smart indvidual looking to expand your skills and network come to Jaaga. If you want to ride unicycles through Bangalore and pretty much be a total badass come to Jaaga. Last but not least if you want to meet some really cool people doing some really cool stuff i would most definitely suggest, Come to Jaaga. 


      ~ Sachneel Sharma | Jan-March 2017


“Leap of Faith & Life Changing experience”

      ~ Adarsh Lilha |Oct-Dec 2017


“Never Seen Before & Weird in a Good Way”​ 

      ~ Purander Dua | Oct-June 2016-17


“Came with a hope & became confident”

      ~ Vipin Saini | Oct-Dec 2017

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