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BLORECREATE is a platform for urban designers, artists & makers to get together and recycle, upcycle, intervene, explore ways by which we can make the world and our city a better place.

Waste Unwasted Maker Camps

A collective addressing Bangalore’s waste challenges through field research, open dialogue, design thinking and making.

Maker Camp #1: Saturday, 8th February Who: 10–12 y/o children Material: Chip Bags Tool: Plastic sealing machine Partners: Daily Dump, Niche


Socially responsible 3D printing

“Hi! I’m UltiMulti! A socially responsible 3D printer, born in India, with parts from the Netherlands and a brain from Italy. My community researches and designs for developmental impact using upcycled waste where possible. Sharing process based documentation and locally made products through an open access library supports my growth.” – UltiMulti, January 2014

The Jaaga and Beyon:Labs teams are partnering in creating a space to reduce and reappropriate waste through technological tools accessible to all.

Please join us for a conversation on 3D printing and the development sector on Monday, 21st April, 7pm–8:30pm. RSVP:


In collaboration with Tara Trust, Goa, we co-ordinated and ran multiple workshops as part of a 10-day art camp for deprived children across India. Through this initiative, the children get the opportunity to travel to other parts of the country and to work with local resource people, NGOs and other children from similar backgrounds.This project is designed to expose children from the supports projects in Goa to get exposure to the world outside their homes and schools. It acts as a motivator to build self confidence as well as to set future goals. The third Art Camp of its kind that Tara Trust has driven ran in Bangalore from the 17th of April 2013 to 27th of April 2013 in partnership with Jaaga Trust and several local resource people. Our venue hosts are the Indian Institute of Information Technology. It was a great week at this camp. We had football classes and games with the Magic Bus kids, we took them on a tour of the National Gallery of Modern Art and taught them how to screen-print their own tees. In addition, with the support of our friends we pulled together a drum circle with the folks – Vasundhara Das and Roberto Narrain, a movement workshop with Shabari Rao, A Kathak workshop with Vibha Krishnaswami and a theater workshop with Partha and crew. MORE + VIEW VIDEO


A one day workshop held on January 19, 2013 with a group of engaged techies, activists, designers and artists who have been contributing in big and small ways to improving the city. The workshop was meant to understand whether we would like to work together cross-disciplines, towards a common goal. VIEW VIDEO >>


DesignNOW, an event November 24th, 2012, was to encourage designers to share their work and experiences in the industry while they unwind over a quiet dinner at Jaaga.Sponsored by, the evening had 30 minutes of presentations by guest speakers, followed by dinner. MORE >>

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